Hispacold es referente en el sector de la climatización del transporte de pasajeros y cuenta con una red de negocio presente en los cinco continentes. Su cartera de clientes incluye a los principales operadores y fabricantes.

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To be a reference point at an international level regarding HVAC systems, providing innovative and reliable solutions, giving our clients top satisfaction, and being constantly committed to environment protection.


To design, manufacture and sell HVAC systems for passengers’ transports with the aim of ensuring the highest comfort to the final user.
We do this adapting ourselves to the clients' needs, being supported by our belonging to a team and with the highest respect for the environment, suppliers and clients.


We work in team, with companionship inside a participative model.

Our commitment to the client is our highest guarantee of success. We do so being flexible, with vocation of service.

Our working principles look for excellence. Our basis is top quality, product reliability, constant innovation and continuous improvement.

We do so respecting every person, from Hispacold, from suppliers, from clients. Our commitment to environment is constant on our everyday duties.

We develop our activities with professionalism and honesty, being versatile, based on our wide experience.

We work with effort, involving ourselves in an environment of freedom and responsibility.


Hispacold staff is made up of highly qualified professionals. The company's motivation policy tries to achieve all its human team being able to reach its strategical, quality and safety goals, in order to achieve continuous improvement and create an environment to promote innovation.

Technology of our own
Technology of our own

As a result form its constant innovation, Hispacold has developed technology of its own, becoming this way a reference of its sector.

Equipos de climatización ligeros, eficientes y compactos, dotados con compresores de gran capacidad y reducido consumo energético.


Hispacold counts from its very start with an area specifically dedicated to Product Innovation, where projects to enable the continuous launching of new products and technology are carried out.

Haciendo uso de las últimas herramientas para el diseño de producto, Hispacold desarrolla distintas líneas de investigación sobre eficiencia energética, reducción de emisiones de CO2, calidad del aire interior de los vehículos, reducción de emisiones acústicas, etc.

El conocimiento interno que en muchas ocasiones es el punto de partida para la creación de nuevos productos y nuevas tecnologías dentro de la compañía, se ve complementado por la colaboración habitual de organismos externos como Universidades y Centros Tecnológicos.

Quality, environment and safety

In Hispacold, each activity is based on a solid quality culture and a real commitment to environment and safety at work.

Hispacold ha logrado en 2016 la certificación IRIS (International Railway Industry Standard) de la Unión de Ferrocarriles Europeos (UNIFE), de cumplimiento de los estándares internacionales de calidad y que responde a la demanda de fiabilidad y capacidad de gestión del sector ferroviario.

bureau iris

Its increasing international expansion reflects Hispacold's view: to be a worldwide reference at the development of sustainable solutions for air conditioning of passengers transport.

During the next years, Hispacold wants to strengthen its leadership of the sector, consolidating and widening its position at the international markets where it is working currently, and increasing its presence in other potential markets.

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General Sales Conditions

These General Conditions apply to any sale made by INTERNACIONAL HISPACOLD S.A., and may not be modified except by a written agreement issued by a properly authorised representative of this Company, having the status of a quote or basis of the contract and, therefore, taking priority over any other previous or regulated conditions set out in the documentation presented for this purpose by the buyer.