Hispacold HVAC Systems for Tramway and Metro


Hispacold HVAC Systems for Tramway and Metro

Although the HVAC for trains, metro and tramways department is relatively new, Hispacold has been manufacturing HVAC equipments for the railway sector for more than 20 years. They were at the start isolated projects developed for some passengers transport companies that had buses and coaches as well as trains. This is the way different projects for Spanish FEVE or FGV (Ferrocarriles de la Generalitat Valenciana, Valencia Government Railways) were developed. There were also some other retrofitting projects developed for Renfe, being Hispacold an officially authorised supplier of this company.

But it was not until six years ago when Hispacold Board of Directors decided to diversify and bet on the railway sector, recognising it as an as an important business opportunity. At this moment an independent area is created to develop specific products for tramways and metro and a project with CAF is started, so Hispacold becomes one of their main suppliers of HVAC systems for their new tramway models URBOS3.

Growth becomes exponential from that moment on, developing several national projects. We highlight from these the climatization of 14 trains for Málaga's Metro, 13 trains for Granada's Tranvía Metropolitano or 7 trains for Bahía de Cádiz' Tramway, the first train-tramway in Spain to work as urban and metropolitan transport simultaneously.

International Market

However, this line of business' growth comes from the hand of the international market. Europa and Latin America are the places where Hispacold is developing most of their significant projects such as climatization for 30 trains of Belgrade's Tramway, 30 trains of seven carriages for México DF's Metro, 22 trains -extendable to 121- for Stockholm's Tramway, 16 trains of six carriages for Bucharest's Metro, 40 seven-moduled tramways for Cuiabá's Tramway (Brazil) or 20 five-moduled tramways for Birmingham's Tramway.

Hispacold's keys for the railway department growth

The adaptability to the railway sector, with a specific development for each market segment and with a different perspective from traditional manufacturers that work only on this field has allowed Hispacold achieving very important improvements such as consumption reductions up to 20%, manufacturing of ultralight compact systems (reducing weight up to 25%) or focusing manufacture on a higher standard of solutions, which allows a higher competitive level. And all this is completed with a high quality technical team, different from those in other lines of business, making it possible to be totally focused on the clients' needs.

Implementing maintenance tools based on IT solutions has also allowed Hispacold to have a place, even in so little time, as a highly technological company within the sector.

The personal team working at the climatization systems area for Hispacold's railway sector has grown in parallel to the turnover. It had six people at its very start (three at technical and commercial office and three other at the production department), nowadays it has 33 people, 10 of them at the product engineering area and 23 at the manufacturing line, working exclusively on the equipments development for the railway sector.

New Projects

Hispacold is already working on new projects in Europe, Latin America and Asia such as HVAC systems for 36 two carriages trains for Valencia's Metro (Venezuela), 9 five-moduled bidirectional units URBOS3 (extendable to 14 more units) for Kaohsiung's Tramway, the second most populated city of Taiwan, 16 units of three carriages URBOS AXL for Tallinn's Tramway (Estonia) or 3 bidirectional five-moduled units URBOS3 (extendable to 3 more units) for Cagliari's Tramway, in Sardinia, Italy.

All this projects are at Design Stage at this moment and will be manufactured in 2014.

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